Why we need more mixed-use...

News 18 October 2016

As our world becomes more and more time-conscious and everyone’s daily lives continue to be busy residents will start to look for places that encompass residential, commercial and retail space. In a place like Dubai, a city that never sleeps, encompassing all three of these things makes logical sense. Why choose to live in an apartment in the middle of nothing, when you could have the best shopping and dining options...

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Affordable Housing in Dubai...

News 7 October 2016
Dubai property prices

For months and even years people have been talking about affordable housing in Dubai and whether it is even possible. An extremely expensive place to live, Dubai is known internationally for its luxurious style and record-breaking destinations. But with a large amount of the 2.3 million strong population earning lower wages, it’s important to think about those types of people and how to cater to their needs.


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